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Mission & Vision

To provide sumptuous delicacies with an ambience which will make the people habitual of visiting us.
To open up stores worldwide creating opportunities for entrepreneurs and to be the classiest brand

About Us

When we come across sandwiches, two square shaped breads are probably what comes to our mind. That is, if we’re not thinking of Burgers, Burritos, Subs etc., as sandwiches, square bread sandwiches do seem to be the most common example found all over India, for that matter. Unless you’re lucky enough to live in Chennai; or somewhere in Tamil Nadu; or unless you live in India, where SANDWITCH a mesmerizing start-up from India’s Mercy Foods LLP has been casting spells in sandwich industry.
SANDWITCH” – a name to ponder over, is a brain-child of its founder which makes people go through it once more giving a spellcheck. Yeah, it includes “WITCH” in it. This is where the theme of our brand speaks out. “THE WIZARDS OF BREADS AND BUNS”. We at SANDWITCH make you to “SPELL YOUR SANDWICH”, where you select your own stuffing from a wide range of vegetables and meats topped with various sauces.
SANDWITCH came into existence in 2018, We started with a motto that we can serve people with delicious sandwiches to prompt the taste buds for more, with great service at a fair price. Mercy Foods LLP has spent 2 years just to come up with a new creation in the sandwich industry and it is rapidly growing with 3 stores in the city. Serving high quality Sandwiches, Pizzas, Pastas, Soups, Sides, Ice Creams, Desserts and refreshments for most affordable prices. Sandwitch is truly a sensation loaded with amusements.

From 11:00am to 10:00pm

Star Menu

Witch’s Special

We’ve made a mess, and it’s delicious! Our new Eggwiches™ feature creative flavor combinations and a delicious river of runny yolk.

  • Finite Incantatum

    based wit based wit french fries, paneer & clubbed with mixed veg

  • Cistem Aperio

    based wit sliced mushroom, sweet corn &,clubbed with chicpea & juicy olives

  • Orchideous

    based wit pineapple, orange, pomegranate, fig & clubbed wit dry fruits

  • Nox

    based wit orange, pomegranate, fig & clubbed wit dry fruits

  • Magicus Extremos

    based wit Malai Kulfi, wild honey & clubbed with fresh fruits


  • Impedimenta

    based wit  apple, pineapple & kiwi

  • Lacarnum Inflamarae

    based wit double chocolates,  dry fruits & clubbed wit  banana & wild honey


  • Avada Kedavara

    based wit roasted Paneer & Sweet corn


  • Baubillious

    based wit Gobi & mushroom


  • Alarte Ascendare

    based wit sliced mushroom, Olives & Paneer

  • Densaugeo

    based wit Gobi, Lettuce and clubbed with sweet corn & peas

  • Fish Parmentier

    Engorgio Skullus

    based wit masala potato, chicpea & mushroom

  • Glacius Tria

    based wit  olives & mushroom & clubbed with mixed veg


  • Harmonia Nectere Passus

    based wit chocolate, banana & dry fruits

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