Italiano Maggi NON-VEG

Non-vegetarian ingredients in the MaggI

  • Prawn Maggi

  • Minced Chicken

  • Chicken Maggi

  • Egg Maggi

Italiano Maggi VEG

Cooked Maggi is mixed with colourful veggies

  • Fish Parmentier

    Sweet Corn

  • Paneer Maggi

  • Mushroom

  • Mixed Veg

Italiano Pastas NON-VEG

  • Minced Chicken Prawn Squid

  • Chicken Pasta

  • Egg Pasta

Italiano Pastas VEG

This pasta with vegetables dish features grilled vegetables served over pasta and topped with fresh Parmesan cheese

  • Sweet Corn

  • Paneer

  • Fish Parmentier


  • Mixed Veg

  • Gobi

Italiano Pizzeria NON-VEG

chicken with a topping of golden corn loaded with extra chees

  • Fish Parmentier

    Tandoori Chicken

  • Sea Saw

  • Scrambled Egg

  • Minced Chicken

  • Chick Tikka

Italiano Pizzeria VEG

  • Pepper Pasta

  • Pan Paneer

  • Misty Mushroom

  • Farmoline

  • Margherita

Witch’s Special

We’ve made a mess, and it’s delicious! Our new Eggwiches™ feature creative flavor combinations and a delicious river of runny yolk.

  • Finite Incantatum

    based wit based wit french fries, paneer & clubbed with mixed veg

  • Cistem Aperio

    based wit sliced mushroom, sweet corn &,clubbed with chicpea & juicy olives

  • Orchideous

    based wit pineapple, orange, pomegranate, fig & clubbed wit dry fruits

  • Nox

    based wit orange, pomegranate, fig & clubbed wit dry fruits

  • Magicus Extremos

    based wit Malai Kulfi, wild honey & clubbed with fresh fruits


  • Impedimenta

    based wit  apple, pineapple & kiwi

  • Lacarnum Inflamarae

    based wit double chocolates,  dry fruits & clubbed wit  banana & wild honey


  • Avada Kedavara

    based wit roasted Paneer & Sweet corn


  • Baubillious

    based wit Gobi & mushroom


  • Alarte Ascendare

    based wit sliced mushroom, Olives & Paneer

  • Densaugeo

    based wit Gobi, Lettuce and clubbed with sweet corn & peas

  • Fish Parmentier

    Engorgio Skullus

    based wit masala potato, chicpea & mushroom

  • Glacius Tria

    based wit  olives & mushroom & clubbed with mixed veg


  • Harmonia Nectere Passus

    based wit chocolate, banana & dry fruits

Witch’s Special Non-Veg

Let’s see easy and simple non vegetarian lunch menu recipe

  • Tandoori Chicken

  • Sea Saw

  • Scrambled Egg

  • Minced Chicken

  • Chick Tikka

  • Wingardium Leviosa

    based wit tuna with roasted dry fruits

  • Tarantallegra

    based wit squid, egg and chicken


  • Repello Inimicum

    based wit chicken, tuna & frenchfries


  • Fish Parmentier

    Peskipiksi Pesternomi

    based wit  tuna & crab, clubbed with squid, prawn & olives

  • Mimblewimble

    based wit prawn (or) squid , olives & mushroom

  • Meteolojinx Recanto

    based wit crunchy potatoes, egg podimas & minced chicken


  • Incendio Tria

    based wit crunchy potatoes, egg podimas & minced chicken


  • Homenum Revelio

    based wit chicken with a touch of corn & roasted egg

  • Fianto Duri

    based wit masala potato & boiled egg

  • Expecto Patronum

    based wit chicken patty and clubbed with sweet corn & peas

  • Diminuendo

    based wit roasted egg, chicken, sweet corn & clubbed with paneer & juicy olives

  • Cushioning

    based wit minced chcken, boiled egg & mushroom


  • Bombarda Maxima

    based wit omlette, chicken & Paneer

  • Arania Exumai

    based wit omlette, chicken tikka & Sweet corn

Lip Smackers

Veg Non-Veg
Aloo Tikki Chicken Cheese Balls
French Fries Chicken PopCorn
Lemon French Fries Chicken Nuggets
Veg Nuggets Lolly pop
Italian French Fries Tandoori French Fries

Juices & Shakes

Milk Shakes Fresh Juices
Apple Apple
Banana Grape
Butter Fruit Guava
Chikoo Kiwi
Chocolate Lemon
Custard Apple Litchi
Dates Mango
Dry Figs Water Melon
Dry Fruits Musk Melon
Ferrero Rocher Orange
Fig Papaya
Kiwi Pineapple
Litchi Pomegranate
Mango Sweet lime


Hot Beverages Cold Beverages
Boost Cold Coffee
Coffee Ice Tea (Black)
Black Tea Ice Lemon Tea
Ginger Tea Iced Sulaimani
Ginger Tea w/o milk Litchie Tea
Hot Chocolate
Kashmiri Tea
Lemon Tea

Desserts & Sundaes

Sundaes Desserts
Banana Split Brownie
Choco Punch Brownie Sizzler
Cookie Lovers Chocolate Blast
Churn Mermaid Double Dunk
Dry Fruit Dip
High Hat Falooda
Pepper Mint Mini Falooda
Stout Brownie Royal Falooda
Stupendous Strawberry Witch’s Falooda

Ice Creams & Shakes

Thick Shakes Ice Creams
Better Butter Scotch Abu Ghatta Kulfi
Caring Caramel Black Currant
Chweet Chocolate Butter Scotch
Krunchy KitKat Chocolate
Masti Mango Vanilla
Outstanding Oreo Mango
Strange Strawberry Pista
Vanish in Vanilla Spl. Malai Kulfi



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