Witch’s Special

Bewitch your Halloween guests with this collection of witch-inspired treats and snacks.

Witch’s Special

We’ve made a mess, and it’s delicious! Our new Eggwiches™ feature creative flavor combinations and a delicious river of runny yolk.

  • Finite Incantatum

    based wit based wit french fries, paneer & clubbed with mixed veg

  • Cistem Aperio

    based wit sliced mushroom, sweet corn &,clubbed with chicpea & juicy olives

  • Orchideous

    based wit pineapple, orange, pomegranate, fig & clubbed wit dry fruits

  • Nox

    based wit orange, pomegranate, fig & clubbed wit dry fruits

  • Magicus Extremos

    based wit Malai Kulfi, wild honey & clubbed with fresh fruits


  • Impedimenta

    based wit  apple, pineapple & kiwi

  • Lacarnum Inflamarae

    based wit double chocolates,  dry fruits & clubbed wit  banana & wild honey


  • Avada Kedavara

    based wit roasted Paneer & Sweet corn


  • Baubillious

    based wit Gobi & mushroom


  • Alarte Ascendare

    based wit sliced mushroom, Olives & Paneer

  • Densaugeo

    based wit Gobi, Lettuce and clubbed with sweet corn & peas

  • Fish Parmentier

    Engorgio Skullus

    based wit masala potato, chicpea & mushroom

  • Glacius Tria

    based wit  olives & mushroom & clubbed with mixed veg


  • Harmonia Nectere Passus

    based wit chocolate, banana & dry fruits

Witch’s Special Non-Veg

Let’s see easy and simple non vegetarian lunch menu recipe

  • Tandoori Chicken

  • Sea Saw

  • Scrambled Egg

  • Minced Chicken

  • Chick Tikka

  • Wingardium Leviosa

    based wit tuna with roasted dry fruits

  • Tarantallegra

    based wit squid, egg and chicken


  • Repello Inimicum

    based wit chicken, tuna & frenchfries


  • Fish Parmentier

    Peskipiksi Pesternomi

    based wit  tuna & crab, clubbed with squid, prawn & olives

  • Mimblewimble

    based wit prawn (or) squid , olives & mushroom

  • Meteolojinx Recanto

    based wit crunchy potatoes, egg podimas & minced chicken


  • Incendio Tria

    based wit crunchy potatoes, egg podimas & minced chicken


  • Homenum Revelio

    based wit chicken with a touch of corn & roasted egg

  • Fianto Duri

    based wit masala potato & boiled egg

  • Expecto Patronum

    based wit chicken patty and clubbed with sweet corn & peas

  • Diminuendo

    based wit roasted egg, chicken, sweet corn & clubbed with paneer & juicy olives

  • Cushioning

    based wit minced chcken, boiled egg & mushroom


  • Bombarda Maxima

    based wit omlette, chicken & Paneer

  • Arania Exumai

    based wit omlette, chicken tikka & Sweet corn


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